I got my first dog at 7 yr's old it was a beagle\terrier from a gal I went to school with in the 3rd grade, I picked a female and called her Ginger, (Never ever asked the folks if I could have one) she was a great dog and for sure got me hooked on dog's and hunting .                                

Then I went to Bird Dogs - lab's, English pointers and German shorthaired. In my teens, I started Coon Hunting for about 5 yr's I hunted UKC and AKC Night Hunt's. Had a good time, and met some great people, but always had a few bird's dog's. In my early 20's, I grow away from the Coon Hunting but will go once in awhile if asked.  
     In my late 20S I got into big game hunting. I went to Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Canada, Wisconsin, Iowa and North/South Dakota, hunting Caribou both Tundra and Barren Ground, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and Whitetail Deer, these were all great hunts 
Still throughout the years, Ducks, Geese and, Pheasant hunting has been a big part of my life, To do this, it's tough without a dog. More than 90% of my enjoyment from my hunts is watching a good dog work.                                                   
Started raising Pheasant's in the early 80's just so I would have a few birds on hand to train young dogs. Every year it seemed the numbers got higher, Soon word got out my birds fly nice and acted like wild birds. I also raise Chucker, Partridges and Bobwhite Quail. These seem to work better with young dog's.                                                                                               
      I really enjoy working with young dogs. From start to finish.  It's so nice to watch them improve with age and experience.  Plus the thrill of selected breeding adds to it all.As far as I am concerned 90% of hunting is watching a good dog work. If your a sportsman you should always hunt with a dog you'll find more birds and retrieve more of your downed birds, and your never hunting alone also.
                                                            Red Stag Hunt Club                          Gundog Training , Gamebirds , Puppys and Started Dogs , Hunting
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 My name is Tony Lowe ,I raise Labrador retrievers and German shorthaired pointers.Just getting started with this web page so bare with me ,I'll try to up date it as often as I can and maybe down the road I'll get some well needed help with up dates,If you have any questions or comments feel free to E-mail or call                                                             Thanks , Your's for better hunting                                              Tony T. lowe

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